Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interesting factoid

Cab fare between The San Francisco Airport and the San Francisco branch of the National Archives is roughly $15, or $45 if you realize when you arrive at the archives that you left your laptop on the plane and have to go back for it.

Thanks to Marcus and Joy and whomever else was in the background of Alaska Airlines for aiding me in its recovery. Thankfully I realized it within about 20 minutes of touch down so it didn't have a chance to get far into the lost & found system.

Only cost me $30 in cab fare and about an hour and 15 minutes of time, which I consider a bargain cost for the lesson, as opposed to loosing a laptop and a week's research time!

I've been stuck in a battleship quagmire... so much good stuff it's hard to get out. Damage reports for California, Nevada, Tennessee, and hopefully Vestal will hopefully be scanned in by the end of the day. Many photos of the ships of Pearl Harbor and the divers that I have not seen before have been scanned in; a section on the salvage divers is probably in the future now.

Time for breakfast and to head to the archives!

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