Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Some house cleaning items.

I came across some aviation stuff the last two trips and am working on posting it ahead of some other items for a couple of reasons. I like aviation, I want to broaden the site from being so ship specific, and frankly the amount of digital stitching to get some of the drawings for the 1.1" manual has got me dreading the project.

The "Today in History" project continues to swallow a lot of time as well. My goal has been to have at least two items per day, and that can take some time. Each entry takes about 20-30 minutes minimum to find, research, and expand upon. It's been a fun learning process, but it also slows down the new document posting, for something that doesn't add "much" to the site.

Also adding to the slowdown is an impending move; months away, but packing needs to start now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I think my blog is getting more traffic....

Either that or the blogger CAPTCHAs are loosing their effectiveness. I'm starting to get post spam more regularly....

For something useful to the readers; March updates are posted and I've got two documents working for the April update; a memo from the captain of USS Erie PG-50 to the Secretary of the Navy in regards to the torpedoing and beaching of his ship, and an interview of USS Bogue CVE-9's captain and air group commander in regards to convoy escort and ASW activities; one interesting story was a pilot who made too fast of an approach and dropped his depth charges very low on the submarine he was attacking and the angle and speed caused them to skip and bounce higher into the air than he was in the cockpit.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Accidentally broke the "Today in History" script for a couple of days. Fixed now.

For those that might have missed the new twitter integration on the front page, I finished a new damage report a couple of days ago as part of the March updates. Just need to finish proofreading another document and the March updates are both done.