Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deadly, Deadly Pianos.

Quiet on the blog front lately as my wife and I are moving and most free time is taken up with packing. I did manage to finish the BuOrd Pamphlet for the Mk8 Fire Control Radar and post for those interested in US Navy battleship & cruiser fire control.

I started a new interview; two scouting squadron commanders in April of 1943. One of the humorous aspects of my work is the occasional OCR glitch that happens to make a sentence a lot stranger or funnier than the author intended. For example, "planes" will come through as "pianos" due to the similar shapes in the second and fifth character. So you read sentences that refer to high-altitude bombing by carrier-based pianos, or two pianos dropping depth charges on a u-boat... gives me a little chuckle from time to time.

Also managed to arrange for a trip down to San Francisco next month for a week of research thanks to the kindness of a friend. Minor joy.....probably the only trip this year.