Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today is history

At least, for a little while I have decided to back-burner the "today in Pacific WWII History" feature on the site. It's been sucking up all of my work time and I'm not getting much work done on new documents, nor have I had the energy to blog. I still plan on working on it and not only finishing it, but expanding it, but for the time being I need to keep this fun and not feeling like a burden.

So... some catch-up. On the first of this month I had the good fortune to visit with Gary Kingzett and Lou Parker. Lou served in WWII on the command staff for a cruiser division; hence he bounced back and forth between the cruisers San Francisco and Wichita. He's a great guy and interesting as hell to talk to.

The Seattle IPMS club held its annual Spring Show a couple of weeks ago, at which I gave a presentation on the Aircraft at Pearl Harbor.

I have managed to get in a little document work here and there.. I've finished an interview with two of the pilots who were on the mission to shoot down Admiral Yamamoto done shortly after they returned to the states. I have another one regarding the photo-reconnaissance in place in the med during operations there, and it is quite interesting to read how much they were tasked with doing and how broad of a program it was.

I also picked up a 1/350th model of USS Nimitz CVN-68 that I'll be doing as USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 during the First Gulf War. That... will be quite the project.