Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Some house cleaning items.

I came across some aviation stuff the last two trips and am working on posting it ahead of some other items for a couple of reasons. I like aviation, I want to broaden the site from being so ship specific, and frankly the amount of digital stitching to get some of the drawings for the 1.1" manual has got me dreading the project.

The "Today in History" project continues to swallow a lot of time as well. My goal has been to have at least two items per day, and that can take some time. Each entry takes about 20-30 minutes minimum to find, research, and expand upon. It's been a fun learning process, but it also slows down the new document posting, for something that doesn't add "much" to the site.

Also adding to the slowdown is an impending move; months away, but packing needs to start now.


Prongle said...


I'm a World War 2 enthusiast and living in the UK. I was looking at writing some sort of book whilst I'm away in Afghanistan but was struggling with the research and really pinning down an area to write about.

Drop me a message or e-mail and maybe we could chat?


Tracy White said...

I would, but your account's not public so I can't see your addresss. Mine is on the main page of my site; feel free to drop me a line.

Prongle said...

Hey Tracey,

Sorry about that, should work fine now. Feel free to give me an e-mail when you're free and we can discuss things further.