Friday, July 23, 2010

The Flag goes up at 0700

I'm sitting outsite the San Bruno Archives on my last day here; a half hour before they open. Building facilities just raised the American flag for the day, and 200 feet away the 380 is broadcasting the morning commute to the neighborhood. I'd like to thank John and his team members Mike & Nick for allowing me to tag along with them, without John's invitation this trip wouldn't have been possible. A thanks you as well to Robert Glass of the National Archives, San Bruno, who is "the man" for navy archival holdings here, and the staff, who always make the research here as fun and efficient as one could expect. I'd also like to give a thanks to a new contact, Jerry, who has started researching here and was kind enough to share some information with me; I'm hoping we can collaborate on projects in the future to bring everyone more great documents to read.

So far this trip, like most of them, has not seen the results I was hoping for, but at the same time has exceeded expectations. Fans of Pearl Harbor will be happy as I came across and scanned in many reports and information regarding the attack & its aftermath. Fans of Guadalcanal will be happy as well. I will be busy for many months stitching damage plates back together and posting reports.

Twenty minutes until opening... I'm going to see if I can stitch a damage plate back together before then....

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