Monday, July 18, 2011

Hasegawa 1/350th CVE-73 Gambier Bay Build Update

One of the features that initially looked promising with the Gambier Bay was a page of the instructions manual that had templates for the Measure 32/15a camouflage pattern; while not strictly necessary, I thought it a nice touch. However, when I tried using it I found yet another company that doesn't understand algebra and geometry. The templates are just copied from the original flat paper of the design sheet and don't take into account the horizontal shift as well as vertical. Pythagorean theorem, any one?

Below is a photo of the model on top of the templates, with a copy cut out and placed where it is supposed to go; as you can see, it's not even close to covering the right area. I suppose the templates will work for the straight areas, but those are the easy parts, so it's really not going to be a good help to people new to dazzle painting.

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