Friday, October 24, 2008

Franklin Damage Report

One of the first things I posted on Researcher@Large was a damage report I found for CV-13 Franklin's Kamikaze hit in October of 1944. While a great resource, many people get confused with the later, worse bomb hit in March of 1945 and I always wanted to find a report on that to post as well.

I happened to find that report in San Bruno and have began working on it.

What's nice for me is the difference between the two. The original was a copy that did not OCR well and I wound up hand-typing the entire thing over a couple month's time.

This one was a much cleaner copy, and with the newer and better OCR software I have now, goes in like a dream; I can add a page literally in five minutes without proof reading, and even the proof reading reveals only the odd character here and there as opposed to entire sentences that come out as garbage.

Text could be done by next week, images and links afterwards.

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