Saturday, December 5, 2009


I've had Google Analytics on my site for a bit now, and it's interesting to watch the results. For the last month, and fairly consistently before that, the top "page" on the site is the root, or main, front page. The Ship's index is second, and San Francisco's Damage report is third.

I had 1,703 unique visits last month, and of those the largest percentage (204) had no source (I.E. they came from bookmarks or favorites. 232 came from Google searchers, and 222 came from Navsource links. The two big ship modeling sites, ModelWarships and SteelNavy, sent me 154 and 103 respectively, 98 came from Google Image searches, and 97 from Wikipedia links. 86 came from Yahoo and 39 from Bing. Stats read that 15% came from direct sources, 23% from search engines, and 62% from links from other sites.

Almost 1,200 of the visitors were from the US, with Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany rounding out the top 5. Of the United States, the top five were California, Washington, Virginia, New York, and Texas. Lowest was New Mexico, with two.

Average visitor viewed 4 pages on their visits and spent just over three minutes on my site. 71% of the visitors were new and had not been before.

57% of the visitors were using Internet Explorer, with 44% of them being on version 8, 37% on seven, and the pitiful rest on on IE6 (for shame!). Firefox was the second largest at 30% with Safari in third place at 5% and Chrome at 2%. 87% of my visitors are running windows, about 7% are on Macs, and the balance are on an assortment of *nix and smart phone OS's.

I size most of my pages no more than 800 pixels wide; 3% are running 800 x 600 and the top five are 1024 x 768 (33%), 1280 x 1024 (14%), 1280 x 800 (11%), 1400 x 900 (9%) and 1680 x 1050 (7%).

About 71% of my visitors are on broadband, 3% are on dial up, and 23% are "unknown." I spend a lot of time making my code as clean and small as possible for the dial up people; I hope y'all appreciate it!

Of the broadband, 9% are on Comcast (that statistic may be skewed as I am on Comcast and hit the site regularly to proofread, etc.), 7% are on Roadrunner, 5% are on Verizon's network, and 2.5% are on Bellsouth. The rest is incredibly fragmented.

It may be boring as hell but I find it interesting....

Updates are up and linked to, if you could make it through the above post ;)