Sunday, December 6, 2009

Passive Defense Progress

I have mentioned Passive Defense before, and I've got a progress report for those interested. There are three parts to the Passive Defense Camouflage folder in Seattle NARA; the initial handbook, a supplement regarding camouflage paint, and a two-page memo with color chips in camouflage colors for fuel tanks. The first one has all of the text and figures done and just needs the color chips added and 50 pages of proofreading. The supplement has the textual pages done, but not all of the figures, and I haven't started the fuel tank memo at all. Still on track for a January release.

All of these will be linkable, so if you want to link to the section on the "Importance of Indirect Observation" for an online discussion you'll be able to.

In other camouflage news, I should be taking delivery of a large collection of US Navy camouflage documentation from Ron Smith later this year, which will hopefully expand the camouflage section quite a bit.

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