Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random Photo - PBM Mariner Rescue, 1942

NARA 80-G-188415

VP-74 PBM Mariner piloted by Lt Joseph A. Jaap delivering survivors of the S.S. San Arcadio to Bermuda on Valentines Day, 1942. Jaap was awarded the DFC for the open-sea landing that rescued nine sailors of the British tanker, sunk by U-boat at 38-19 N, 63- 50 W.

According to War Diaries in Record Group 38, "Oh 26 January the S S SAN ARCADIO, a seven thousand ton British tanker with fifty officers and men, put out from Houston, Texas, loaded with oil and bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia Five days out, in position 38-19N and 63-50 W, at about 2200 LZT, they were torpedoed first aft and then forward on the starboard side After fifteen minutes of effort to make radio contact the ship was in such condition that it had to be abandoned 74-P-7, Lieutenant J. A JAAP commanding found nine survivors in position 34-28N and 62-50W The plane landed at sea, took the personnel aboard and returned them to Bermuda. As a result of this action Lieutenant Joseph Abraham Jaap, USN, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross."


a widower said...

The seamen had been adrift for 12 days in February in the Atlantic which is not a nice place in the winter. He thought he had spotted a German submarine and began a run. When he got over the target he realized it was a life raft. At that time there was a significant sea state and he was afraid if he landed they would all be lost but he had no choice. After they got the sailors aboard he had difficulty getting airborne. The waves kept knocking the plane down. Finally, after a few "Our Fathers" he took off. After the war Life Magazine commission some war artists to paint pictures of WWII events. For some reason his rescue was picked and the painting "Rescue Off Bermuda" was in Life Magazine and now is at the museum in Pensacola. A copy hangs in my study. I am his son.

Eric Wiberg said...

Thank you Mr. Jaap for this insightful and detailed report. You must be justifiably proud of your father.
FYI I just posted a story on the San Arcadio and the rescue of 9 men by Lt. J. A. Jaap at;postID=6404031694924322213;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=0;src=postname Regards, Eric Wiberg

Eric Wiberg said...

Sorry I think will work better. Eric

Unknown said...

Mr. Jaap, did your father go to Brazil with VP-74? Do you have any photos. Unfortunately, few of the squadron members are still living and cannot travel. It has been four or five years since a reunion.