Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scattered leaves

As I prepare for my trip tomorrow to NARA II to try and answer, amongst other things, the appearance of Battleship Arizona during the attack, I am looking for some files on Radio Direction Finders to see if there any I have found but not posted. I came across this, one of the few documents I've found in the NARA Seattle Naval records on Arizona that still survives there:
Arizona's Roster of Officers for December, 1941. It's nearly 70 years old now. It would be a lot of work to post it as HTML, but it seems a shame to leave it where no one else can see it and perhaps make a connection to this ship and the human cost associated with her history. The wind is blowing the yellowed leaves from the branches out my window as those still green hang tight.


Ron MacKay, Jr. said...

Dear Mr. White:
I am unable to open your email hotlinks to contact you via email.
Since I don't do Twitter or any of that other nonsense, would you please lend a hand to this technological neanderthal?
Many thanks!
Best regards,
Ron MacKay, Jr.

Tracy White said...

Hey Ron, e-mail me at if you could; no special code on this one so you should be able to copy and paste it into your e-mail program if you can't click on it directly. Post a reply if you still have issues.

Tracy White said...

Also, trying to chase your e-mail down via some other sources.