Saturday, August 21, 2010

Challenge Update

I've finished the USS Enterprise Guadalcanal Damage Report other than the final proof reading. That is doable barring big blow-ups at work.

It's been interesting and sobering to read through as I work on it; her Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships Entry just says, " On 24 August a strong Japanese force was sighted some 200 miles north of Guadalcanal and TF 61 sent planes to the attack. An enemy light carrier was sent to the bottom and the Japanese troops intended for Guadalcanal were forced back. Enterprise suffered most heavily of the United States ships, 3 direct hits and 4 near misses killed 74, wounded 95, and inflicted serious damage on the carrier. But well-trained damage control parties, and quick, hard work patched her up so that she was able to return to Hawaii under her own power" but the report highlights more details that paint this in a bit more of a serious light to me:

This bomb detonated almost against the armor plate protecting the ready torpedo and warhead stowage, but no fragments penetrated the armor.

Had this armor not held and the torpedoes been exposed to the blast, what would have happened to the war?

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