Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Dangers of Airshows

I have a hereditary pre-disposition to shutter-bugging I got from my Dad; yesterday is a case in point. It was the "Joint Base Lewis McChord" (nee McChord Air Force Base) air show; in something like three hours I shot over 1,000 images. Hooooo boy am I glad I'm digital!

We bopped around, trying to see both the static aircraft and the air show... occasionally when caught by surprise I would shoot from the static aircraft area, which can lead to little oopses like:

Another hazard is weather; in our case we were lucky that the marinelayer of clouds burned off by about 12:30-1PM, but while it was doing so there were times I shot photos like this:

I'm still going through and deleting the blurry shots... my auto-focus hasn't worked well for a while and my skills of keeping a fast-moving aircraft in-focus are still shaky at times, but I had a few nice ones....

Wake-up for tomorrow's flight down to San Francisco is 0-dark-300.

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