Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a Battleship can do for your web traffic

I use Google Analytics to watch what the site is doing traffic wise. I usually pull in between 75-100 visitors a day, not enough that the site makes any money, but enough that I know that people are finding interesting things to read.

Occasionally there's a spike of 40-50 hits that I can trace down to a forum stumbling across an article and discussing it, but last week I had the biggest spike I've yet seen:

Two days prior I had posted this memo regarding BB-59 Massachusetts' experience in a storm that suggested her to be not suited to rough weather, at least not early in her career. I usually toss a quick notice on Twitter and save the rest for notices on my monthly updates, but I decided for fun to post it on ModelWarships' and SteelNavy's forums to maybe start some discussions. Two days later is the spike, which coincides with when a thread started on the NavWeaps board.

Nothing ground shaking, just interesting. Truly if you want a spike in traffic you need to get noticed on a social media site or message board.

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