Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Updates & Changes

How about that prior petulant post ...

So, I've kicked off some changes, mainly an effort to bring things out a bit quicker and to more people, but with the intent of not changing much for those who like things the way they are.

I've started a twitter account at https://twitter.com/ResrcherAtLarge for those that like tweets. The way I'm planning on working this is that as I finish a document, I'll tweet it. It won't give any sort of context or extra commentary the way the blog and updates page do, but for those who don't want to wait around or want some sort of notification this will be a step in the right direction. The twitter page will also post links to the documents on the anniversary date they were originally released, so there's an added bit of fun as well. Blog and monthly updates will continue on as before for those who like it that way.

I may set up a facebook account for R@L in addition, that is to be determined.

Comments either way welcomed.

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