Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What makes it Worthwhile

My first real website was the "Unofficial Special Operations Website, started in early 1996. I still remember feeling cool when I reached 100 on my first counter. What has evolved over time is making contact with people as the true reward.

I post things on the site that I think others will find interesting because it seems a shame to just put them back after coming across them. But then sometimes you get something like this, a thank you from a vet whom you feel a debt to for the service they rendered your country. These are especially good to get. It does not matter if there are no little nuggets I never knew before or promise of further correspondence. The thank you alone is precious enough.

Franklin was hit on 3-19-1945, which is 3-18-1945 in the US, if I
understand the international date line correctly. I was on Yorktown
CV-10 when she was hit on 3-18-1945, the day prior to the Franklin hits.
Franklin was in a different task group a few miles away from us, but we
could see the smoke. Yorktown suffered relatively minor damage (five
killed IIRC).

I forwarded your post and link to a Franklin survivor of 3-19-45. He
was a flight deck crewman, and was critically injured.

Thank you for your post.


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