Thursday, May 22, 2008

Improvisation Part II

Short post tonight, Randy Short came in and we spent most of the night gabbing about camouflage and what we found today. Got a lot of camouflage design sheets uncovered and photographed, ran into another situation where we needed to improvise.

The design sheets are way too big to scan in, so the easiest way to grab copies is with a good digital camera. San Bruno has a camera stand, but we ran into problems with it right away; it didn't go up high enough to get all of the larger ones in-frame, and there was no supplemental lighting. This was a problem as the room is fairly dark and they don't allow you to use flash as it is disturbing to other researchers.

So this is what we did:

We took over the table, grabbed a couple of magnifying glasses with supplemental lighting, and used a step-stool so I could stand up above the table enough to get the larger ones in frame.

Here's a preview of something we found:

This is *part* of the master pattern for 20L. Painted in the original colors.